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Rent a Hot Dog Steamer for your next party. The Steaming Demon hot dog machine is truly the world's best hot dog steamer. Cooks up to 90 hot dogs and 40 hotdog buns at the same time! Very simple to operate., fill with water and turn it on, add your hot dogs and hot dogs buns and 45 minutes later you're eating. You'll feel like you stepped into the ballpark with the fabulous smell of steamed franks. This machine will keep your hot dogs and hot dogs buns warm and ready the entire party. You supply your favorite hot dogs and hot dogs buns and the machine will do the rest. It just doesn't get easier than this!

This unit should be plugged in to it's own 15amp circuit and be used with no more than 25' of extension cord of at least 12 gauge.

Cost of rental is only $40.00 with the rental of one of our Bounce Houses or $75 rented alone. This includes delivery, setup, pickup and cleaning.

Machine Operation Instructions

1. Place the machine on a level surface. WARNING: NEVER place machine on side - Keep upright at ALL TIMES!

2. Plug machine into a standard 110-volt outlet.

3. Remove the hot dog basket and juice tray from inside the unit, accessible by opening the two lids on top of the machine.

WARNING: NEVER add more than 10 quarts of water!

4. Add nine to ten quarts of water into the heating compartment so that the water level is above the heating element. Using hot water will reduce the heating time.

5. Return the basket and tray to the machine, and put the wire components in place.

6. Place the hot dogs in the small compartment of the basket, and place the buns in the large compartment. Arrange the hot dogs and buns so that there is free circulation of steam.

7. Turn the unit on by flipping the “On” Switch up.

8. Set the Thermostat Control on “High” until steam is generated.

9. Once steaming has begun, set the Thermostat Control between “Low” and “High.”

10. Keep the lids closed while not serving.

11. Throughout your event, add more water as necessary to maintain the water level. Whenever possible, use hot water.

Cleaning Your Machine

12. Turn the machine off, unplug it, and remove any remaining hot dogs or buns from the unit.

13. Uncap the Drain Valve, catching the fluid in a sink or tub for disposal. When the draining slows, carefully lean the machine forward (toward the Drain Valve) for thorough draining.

14. Allow the machine approximately 45 minutes of cool down time before further handling or transporting.

15. Wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth or towel.

WARNING: Do NOT clean the inside of the machine! Party Rental Professional, Inc has professional cleaners for the compartments, and machine interior.

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