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Safe Operation Tips for Moonwalks

Each moonwalk operator should read and understand the following instructions.

1. The ride should not be operated if wind exceeds 25 mph or in rain or lightning conditions.

2. All riders must remove their shoes.

3. Riders should be sorted by size. Only riders of the same size should be allowed in the ride at the same time.

4. Riders must remove loose or sharp objects including glasses and dangling jewelry.

5. No food, drink, or gum in the inflatable.

6. The rated capacity should never be exceeded.

7. The operator should assist the riders when they enter and exit the ride.

8. The operator should position himself/herself in close proximity to the entrance of the ride.

9. While the ride is in operation, the operator should watch the riders at all times.

  • No roughhousing or horseplay should be tolerated.
  • No flips.
  • No climbing on the walls, nets, or roof is allowed.
  • Anyone who does not obey the rules after being warned should be asked to exit the ride.

    (Operators should understand that they are in control of the ride and removing someone from a ride who is not following rules is important for all riders' safety)

10. The operator must strictly enforce the rules posted on the warning sign.

11. The operator must remain in control of the ride at all times. The inflatable must be supervised at all times while there are riders.

12. Absolutely no Silly String in or around the inflatable.

13. Do not move the inflatable unless you've made arrangements with the rental company about doing so. If the unit shifts during your rental period, have the riders exit the inflatable and push/pull it back into place on the tarp.


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