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Emergencies can arise for various reasons. The following are a few examples of emergencies and how
they should be handled. This is strictly a guide. Please use common sense when an emergency occurs.

Loss of Electrical Power: When a loss of power occurs, the inflatable will slowly start to deflate.

Remain Calm! You will have sufficient time to help the riders to quickly and safely exit the ride. This
situation tends to cause panic . . . unless the operator stays calm and relaxed. Talk calmly to those inside
telling them not to panic while you are helping them walk out.

Check to see if the blowers have come unplugged or the cords are unplugged from the outlet. If so, plug
them back in and the ride will re-inflate. Do not leave the ride unattended to check on any problem.
Empty the ride and then address the issue.

If the inflatables deflates please advice the children not to panic, and find the exit of the inflatable.

Weather: Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightning or strong wind. In each case, you want to
evacuate the ride as quickly and safely as possible.

Remain Calm! If you panic, your riders may also panic. Stay calm and stay focused on your job, which
is to help your riders exit the ride quickly, but in an orderly fashion. After everyone has exited the ride,
deflate the ride by turning off the blower and moving them to a dry

Damage: If the ride becomes damaged while in your operation, take the following steps:

If the ride ripped or otherwise begins to lose air, assist all riders from the ride and deflate it. Write down
what happened, when, and any other details you observed and turn this report in to Us.
Should the Inflatables deflate, or if you experienced any other problems with the equipment, please call Us before allowing or engaging in further use of the bounce house.

Do not leave the ride unattended.

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